Double Nutty Nutter Butter Cookies Are Loaded with Peanut Butter

Double Stuf Oreos have competition: Double Nutty Nutter Butter cookies.

Everyone loves a little extra. That’s why Double Stuf Oreos and E.L Fudge Elfwich Double Stuffed Cookies are so popular. Get ready, peanut butter fans, because Nutter Butter has come out with Double Nutty Nutter Butter and we can’t wait to try them.

This nutty news is hot on the heels of Fudge Covered Nutter Butter Cookies and mini Nutter Butter Bites. Just when we thought peanut butter treats couldn’t get any better!

Are They Different from Regular Nutter Butters?

You might be able imagine what Double Nutty Nutter Butter cookies are like, and you’ll probably be right. Regular Nutter Butters are pretty amazing as they are, with two crunchy peanut-shaped cookies sandwiching a creamy peanut butter filling. This new version is stuffed with double the normal amount of peanut butter cream. Two times the fun!

On Instagram, the brand announced availability at stores nationwide. They aren’t for sale at major retailers online yet, so check out your regular retailers like Target and Walmart to see if they’re in stock yet.

For Peanut Butter Lovers Only

Obviously, you can just snack on Double Nutty Nutter Butter cookies by themselves. But the extra peanut buttery goodness also lends itself to recipes where you want a super PB flavor. Crushed Nutter Butter cookies form the crust in this Peanut Butter Icebox Dessert and serve as the base for these adorable Peanut Butter Penguins.

If you’re more inclined toward DIY projects, try our step-by-step guide to making copycat Nutter Butters. Double the filling if you dare!

Have you ever wondered how to make peanut butter at home? We have the details on skipping the store-bought variety with delicious results.

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