Attention, Disney Fans: Dole Whip Beer Is REAL!

Dole Whip Sour tastes like the iconic Disney Parks treat!

Not many people are heading down to Walt Disney World in Florida right now, but honestly, we’re OK at home. Disney’s been releasing so many official recipes that we can practically eat our way through the parks from our couches, and between that and Disney+, we’re all set!

Except… now there’s a Disney-adjacent treat we never knew we needed, which combines two flawless things: it’s Dole whip beer. Here’s why this brew is a must-try for Disney fanatics.

It’s the Perfect Beer for Disney Fans

There’s a good reason Dole whip was one of the first recipes Disney released back in April, when everything was shutting down. It’s iconic. That’s why Dole Whip Sour exists, courtesy of First Magnitude Brewing Company in Gainesville, Florida.

It’s brewed using real Dole whip mix (so you know you’re getting the good stuff), pineapple puree and milk sugar, so it tastes exactly like that frozen treat beloved by millions of Disney fans around the world.

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According to the First Magnitude’s Instagram post, it “This beer is a creamy, dreamy sour that isn’t too sweet or tart, it’s just the right balance and is packed with pineapple goodness!”

Here’s what Disney looked like through the decades.

How Can I Try the Dole Whip Beer?

If you’re drooling over this brilliant brew, you—like us—will be saddened, but not surprised, to hear it’s sold out. And even when it was available, it was only available at First Magnitude’s drive-thru, so those of us outside Florida would have to make a pretty lengthy trip just to take a sip.

In the comments on the post, First Magnitude said Dole Whip Sour will “likely be back in the future.” So until then, we’ll be obsessively following their announcements and making Disney parks copycat recipes for ourselves at home.

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