Disney Is Closing Most of Its Stores Across the US and Canada

You might want to keep an eye on your nearest Disney store.

2020 was, unfortunately, the year of closures everywhere, with major chains like McDonald’s, Dunkin’, and other big players in the food industry shuttering stores. Unfortunately, the trend seems to have continued into 2021, with Macy’s announcing the closure of 45 locations. To make things worse, Disney left a little less magic in the world as they announced plans to shut down 60 stores across the US and Canada earlier this year.

Why Are Disney Stores Closing?

Disney Store used to have more than 1,000 locations worldwide, but a shift away from shopping malls and the onset of the pandemic led to a pretty big drop in customers at the brick-and-mortar stores. After 33 years, the Walt Disney Company decided to dramatically downsize the Disney Stores—and according to the company, that was just the “beginning” of their efforts.

The slated closures represent about 35% of Disney’s stores across North America, which is a significant chunk, if you ask us. The first round of closures back in March 2021 included nearly 40 stores. After the current round of closures, all of which will likely happen before Sept. 15,  around two dozen Disney stores will remain across the US. It’s also likely we’ll be seeing closures among their 300 stores worldwide. You can see if your favorite store is slated for closure by checking out the Disney Store Locator.

But There’s Still Hope…

While Disney may be dialing down their physical presence, they’re directing their efforts towards online shopping, which took off during the pandemic. They’re looking to expand ShopDisney, the company’s online store, and integrate it with Disney’s theme park apps and social media platforms.

Plus, you can still buy Mickey merch at one of the 600 stores based in theme park stores, third-party retailers and Disney shop-in-shops. You might also be able to find a Disney mini-store at Target—they opened 25 of them in 2019!

And of course, you can still get your Disney fix at other places, like all the ridiculously cute Disney-themed kitchen gear at Williams Sonoma (including Mickey pancake molds). And don’t forget to take a look at your schedule and make some room for Disney World’s magical 50th Anniversary Celebration. It’s already on our calendars!

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