CorningWare Just Added a Piece to the Iconic Cornflower Line! Here’s the Scoop.

CorningWare—and the signature blue cornflower design—has been a symbol of indelible kitchen quality since 1958. The dishwasher, freezer and microwave-safe pattern is back for the brand's 60th anniversary.

I can still picture the square white baking dish my mom would use to serve most of our weeknight meals. Depending on where it sat on the trivet, I could sometimes see the little blue cornflowers on the front. The clear glass lid would be blurred with steam, but I always knew something fantastic was inside—fried pork chops, creamy mashed potatoes, homemade macaroni and cheese, or Chilean chicken in wine. Nothing tastes as good as your mama’s home cooking, especially when served in that classic dish you can never forget.

Bringing Back a Favorite

I am beyond excited that CorningWare re-released their classic mid-century cornflower design on a new collection of stoneware. I made sure to pick up the three-piece mixing bowl set for a dear friend (and, ahem, one for myself!). This affordable trio features a 1-qt., 1.5-qt. and 2.75-qt. bowl for all of your mixing, baking and serving—and they can go straight to the dishwasher when you’re all done. (The 9-inch pie plate that makes me think of my Mississippi upbringing is also on my wish list.)

CorningWare’s re-release goes beyond these mixing bowls to include modern-sized mugs, baking dishes, measuring bowls, and a ramekin set, making your gift shopping easy and affordable. (On eBay or Etsy, you can find the original larger serving pieces from the 1970s listed for $100—or more.)

Unlike most plastic bowls, the ones in the new high-quality stoneware collection also resist stains and don’t absorb food odors or flavors (not to mention any potential hazards that can be in older plastic). Here are some other ideas for your plastic containers.

Now it’s your turn! Check those cabinets and see what your collection is missing. Then, make sure to stock up on the limited-release vintage pattern. You’ll be glad you did.

Goodies for Vintage Pyrex Lovers
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