Cheese Wheel Wedding Cakes Might Be The Next Best Trend

Forget the cakes and dessert bars. What's next for weddings are cheese wheel wedding cakes—perfect for unique and, dare we say it, cheesy couples.

Photo: via Fromagination

When it comes to wedding cake variations, we’ve seen it all, from impressive dessert tables to trendy naked cakes. But what about the wedding cake that’s not a cake at all—not even a dessert? Enter cheese wheel wedding cakes.

The Double Threat: Classy & Cheesy

Stacked several tiers—errr wheels—high, these cheese wedding cakes look ever bit as impressive as their traditional counterparts, especially when bedecked with flowers and wedding cake toppers. “People are really surprised when they see these cakes—they never recognize that they’re cheese,” says Shannon Berry, Special Events Manager at Fromagination, an artisanal cheese shop based in Madison, Wisconsin.

Photo: via Fromagination

Berry notes that picking cheeses for an impressive cheese wheel cake isn’t quite as simple as visiting your favorite bakery. “There are a lot more nuanced flavors in these cheeses,” she explains. That’s because Fromagination and other cheesemakers offering cheese wheel wedding cakes, aren’t just dealing in your standard cheddar. Berry mentions that the cheeses Fromagination carries run the gamut, from triple cream bries to soft-ripened goat cheese and even some dessert-like varieties. “Some cheeses are sweeter in nature, like a Wensleydale,” Berry explains. These sweeter cheeses can help bridge the gap for those looking for a sweet after dinner treat.

Can the Newlyweds Still Cut into It?

However, just because couples opt for an unusual cake, doesn’t mean that they need to forego all tradition. Berry explains that most of the cakes she creates are topped off with a softer cheese, like brie, so couples can still perform the classic cake cutting.

But after the cutting, what happens with all that cheese? Unfortunately for us cheese-lovers, the wheels don’t get cut into dessert-sized wedges (a girl can dream!). Instead, each wheel is sliced and served up on beautiful cheese boards along with charcuterie, crackers, honey and more for guests to share. Learn how to make your own charcuterie board, here.

Any way you slice it, these cheese wheel cakes are just as impressive and delicious as their pastry counterparts. As for me, I’ll be crossing my fingers for one of these cheesy cakes every wedding I attend.

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