It’s True—Costco Is Selling Candy Snaps Grapes Right Now

Move over, cotton candy grapes!

Look, we get it—it’s winter, we’re all wearing sweatpants anyway, and can one more piece of candy realllly hurt? Despite all the attempts to sneak healthy foods our diets, we’re probably all missing out on some vital fruits and vegetables right now. It can be difficult to get those daily servings into meals, and with flu season in full swing, you need those nutrients to keep your immune system going strong!

Honestly though, if healthy stuff tasted like candy, a lot more people would be chowing down like no tomorrow. On that front, Costco is making up for some of Mother Nature’s mistakes (seriously, why doesn’t a salad taste like potato chips?) because we’ve spotted purple Candy Snap grapes on the wholesaler’s shelves!

Here’s Some Fruit for Thought

It’s fruit that tastes like candy? Yep. The new grapes, which were spotted at a Cosco in Los Angeles, are exactly what they sound like. They’re super sweet, seedless red grapes that taste just like candy. Instagram users @costcosisters were the first to spot them:

Costco had cotton candy grapes on the shelves just last year. However, while the super-popular green grapes sold for $9.99 for a 3-pound clamshell, these are an even better deal at just $7.99 for 3 pounds! One user also commented, “I like them personally a smidge bit more then [sic] the cotton candy ones!” This means we’re officially obligated to grab some Candy Snaps and give them a whirl.

Psst: Grapes are super easy to snack on, no matter the season. Toss a handful in a bag for your lunch, freeze ’em for your next beach/road trip or throw them into any of these easy recipes.

It’s Time for a Taste Test

The grapes were spotted very recently at Costco, so their popularity is sure to skyrocket ASAP. If you hate tart grapes and need these in your fridge immediately, check your local store and see if they’ve got some left. We’ll be on our way later today, that’s for sure!

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