Our Test Kitchen Popped Open 6 Cans to Find Our Best-Loved Biscuit

Make sure you're baking with the best! Our Test Kitchen tried 100+ products to find our Best Loved Brands. Check out which brand claimed the title of best biscuits.

About Best Loved Brands

When you’re looking for the absolute best, grocery shopping can be quite the ordeal—dozens of brands, hundreds of choices. From cake mix to coffee, chocolate chips to potato chips, it can be daunting to make the picks that will make your recipes sing. That’s where Taste of Home comes in. Our culinary and editorial experts tested 100+ products. After undergoing a thorough review, our Best Loved Brands emerged. Find out which brands you should be shopping for.

Finding the Best Biscuits

For many folks, dinner is made complete by popping open a can of packaged biscuits, and who can blame you? These quick fixes bake up tender and flaky and give almost any weeknight dinner that finishing touch. But we’re sure that when it comes to canned biscuits, we normally reach for the same brand time and time again without asking if those biscuits are really the very best. That’s where the Taste of Home Test Kitchen comes in. Our panel of expert editorial and culinary staff tried six different brands and judged them blindly according to these criteria:

  • Flavor
  • Texture
  • Appearance

With the perfect biscuit—the one that’s golden, flaky, tender and buttery—you can really settle into those comforting weeknight meals. Or you can take them a step further and make something delicious like this brunch-ready orange dream pull-apart bread. The right biscuit can really make recipes like this really shine. Now, find out which brands the Test Kitchen recommends.

Immaculate Baking Co. via amazon.com

First Place: Immaculate Baking Company

When you think of the perfect biscuit, chances are you’re thinking flaky, tender, golden brown. That’s exactly what Immaculate Baking Company’s biscuits delivered (well, that plus all organic ingredients). Our Test Kitchen couldn’t help but take note of the million-layer appearance of these biscuits. Along with a beautiful golden brown color, these biscuits offered a nice buttery (but not overwhelming) flavor.

$3.75 for a 16-oz. package; available at select grocers nationwide.

Second Place: Bake House

One of Aldi’s exclusive brands took top honors (the supermarket’s brands also did well in our other Best Loved Brands taste tests—here’s why we love ’em). This biscuit got great ratings for its flaky layers and golden color. This biscuit also baked up nicely giving a crisp top for just a bit of crunch. They’re just begging for a spoonful of honey or jam.

Available exclusively at Aldi.

Third Place: ShurFine

The butteriest biscuit in the test was undoubtedly ShurFine. This generic brand gave a great butter taste, tender texture and golden brown color. This brand wasn’t quite as flaky as the top two contenders, but it more than made up for that with its flavor.

Available at select grocers nationwide.

What to Make with Canned Biscuits

Canned biscuits are a great foundation for so many recipes. Having a tin in the fridge is a must for shortcut dinners—just ask Joanna Gaines who uses them in her family dinners regularly. They can be transformed into dumplings, hand pies and buns for savory dinners or—maybe our favorite application—an irresistible monkey bread.  Of course, that’s just the tip of the iceberg—check out all of the the possibilities.

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Remember that amazing twist on monkey bread? The orange dream pull-apart bread? Well, you can make use of our best biscuits for that recipe, too. Just take a look.

Are you ready to give one of our best biscuits a try? Then you’ll want to check out our other Best Loved Brands, too!

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