Here’s How I Redid My Bathroom Décor Under $100

Looking to redo the look of your bathroom on a budget? Here's how one writer did it.

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I absolutely love my apartment. Our cozy bedroom has hints of bright yellow and soft grey, which always makes me feel mellow when I go to bed or wake up in the morning. I love how our living room is bright and bold compared to the trendy neutral tones you see these days. Our couch is bright red, the rug is multi-colored, which perfectly mirrors the ginormous shelf of books that we have. Our table and chairs were handcrafted by my husband’s grandfather, which add the perfect touch to our sweet little home. Since I spend most of my time in these rooms, I did everything to ensure these rooms were cozy and pleasant to the eye. However, in terms of our bathroom, I could have really cared less.

Until recently, that is.

It was actually while I was writing up the article “Here’s How to Make a Small Bathroom Feel Bigger, According to Joanna Gaines” that sparked my desire to redo the look of my bathroom. At the moment, our bathroom was just a hodgepodge of items sitting on a shelf, most of our items not even matching the blue color, which we originally chose for the bathroom.

Since our bathroom (and entire apartment) was completely renovated before we moved in, we didn’t have the need to do any serious DIY-ing for the space. However, with a gift card I received for my birthday, I was determined to revamp the look of our bathroom, making it another room that I truly love to be in. But if you’re up for a bigger project, check out these astonishing inspiring home makeovers.

Here are a few of the things I did to restyle our bathroom, all under $100.

Kiersten Hickman/The Family Handyman

Pick a color scheme

Admit it: How many times have you bought something at the store simply because you thought it was cute, or you felt like you needed it…only to find out that it doesn’t really go well with the rest of your things? For the longest time, this was my story in terms of home décor.

This time, however, I chose my décor differently. At the moment, our towels, bath mat and shower curtain all fell under a specific blue color scheme. So instead of completely scrapping it, I decided to work with what we have. When I chose the items for our bathroom, I made sure that things fell under the color scheme I was already going for: blue, light blue, white and gold. Here’s how to know if you should switch to a cloth shower liner.

Here are the items that followed this specific rule:

Use bins on the shelf

Luckily, we already had one of these nifty over-the-toilet shelves, which is great for storing all of your bathroom necessities (you can get a similar one here). However, having items piled on the shelf didn’t look appealing to the eye. I picked up a few decorative bins, which perfectly coordinated with the color scheme, that would store those bathroom items. It makes the shelf less of an eyesore.

In these bins, I stored extra soaps, bath bombs, razors, first aid supplies, a hairdryer, curling iron and much more.

Keep the most used items in convenient spots

While having things in bins does help for the overall appeal of the bathroom, it’s not always convenient to have to grab things out of it all the time. For example, hairbrushes are used every day. Instead of stashing those in a bin or drawer, I dedicated the bottom shelf to hairbrushes, as well as a candle (for moments when you really need it), and a decorative jewelry holder.

Use small jars for cleaning items

Similar to the most used items, having those small cleaning items out can help for moments when you need it. I used a small unused mason jar to store some Q-tips for easy grabbing and used a blue cup (originally used for our toothbrushes) to hold makeup remover pads.

Kiersten Hickman/The Family Handyman

Place toilet paper in a basket nearby

Before restructuring our bathroom, the extra toilet paper sat on the top of our bathroom shelf. Which, of course, is not convenient for moments when you need to switch out that toilet paper when you’re on the loo. I moved the toilet paper down to a larger basket right next to the toilet, making it easy to grab and switch it out in those emergency situations.

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Grab a few decorative pieces

Organizing is just the start of making a place look nice—you need décor, too! When it comes to home décor, I like to keep it classy and simple. I tend to be picky about the type of décor I use, only choosing items that will truly look good and not overcrowd a particular space. In the bathroom, I went with two small decorative plants and a small jewelry holder. The jewelry holder is actually a convenient item for myself in the bathroom, an easy place to last-minute place earrings, rings and necklaces.

Leave some empty space

In my opinion, having empty space keeps a space feeling airy and light. When you overcrowd shelves and counters with endless items, it makes a room feel stuffy and small. I kept empty space on the counter of our sink as well as the bathroom shelf in order to give our bathroom that relaxing, zen feel that I crave in a space such as this.

In order to leave empty space, you need to be strategic with storing the rest of your items in the cabinets you have. I have extra towels and bathroom supplies in the cabinet underneath my sink. Soaps, lotions, medicines, toothpaste and nail clippers are located in the mirror cabinet above the sink. This leaves room for the shelf to look decorative and functional, finally giving our bathroom space the upgrade it needed.

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