Apple Pie Kit Kats Are Coming This Summer, and We Can’t Wait

They pair so perfectly with a big bowl of vanilla ice cream!

Kit Kat is back at it again, proving it’s the cornerstone of new candy creations. Earlier this year we were graced with delectable new flavors like Raspberry Creme and Lemon Crisp (if only they weren’t limited editions). On top of those, we also talked about the possible flavors Kit Kat had in store for us later this year, such as Orange Dreamsicle, Cotton Candy and Cherry Cola. It’s like the confectioner is reading my mind!

As we cross the cusp of seasons from spring to summer, Nestle brings some nostalgia with its Apple Pie Kit Kats.

What Is the Apple Pie Kit Kat?

Apple pie has always been a national passion, and with good reason. I can’t even begin to count the number of apple pies my mother and grandmother have baked for holidays and special occasions. Warm Dutch apple pie with a massive scoop of homemade vanilla ice cream is honestly my favorite dessert. My mouth is about to start watering just writing about it.

Now, imagine all that cinnamony, sweet apple flavor rolled up in your favorite crispy wafer, cloaked in white chocolate. Is it possible for me to get a bag early, please? First thing I’ll do is crumble chunks of the Apple Pie Kit Kats over a big scoop of vanilla ice cream. Super sweet and crunchy all at the same time!

When Can I Get This Kit Kat? I Can’t Wait!

The limited-edition Kit Kats will not officially be available at retailers until July. Sad face. I know our patience will be rewarded, though. Make sure to grab a bag or two before they disappear completely. I know I’ll be chowing down on a bag of these in July.

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