Your Aldi Is About to Get a Makeover. Here’s Why!

Aldi has more than 1,800 locations across the U.S.—and they’re all going to get a fresh coat of paint.

The best thing about Aldi (other than the legendary house brands) is that shoppers can pop in and out in 15 minutes. It’s now going to be even easier to make that mid-week grocery run, thanks to Aldi’s $5B remodel.

The store layouts have been redesigned to add extra refrigerators, making room for more fresh, organic and ready-to-eat products!

The Best New Aldi Products

Thanks to the remodel, Aldi will be increasing its fresh food selection by 40 percent. The product rollout has already started at some Aldi locations, and will keep going through 2019.

Here’s our play-by-play of what to look for in each department:


  • More baked goods, like white and whole wheat pita breads, sourdough loaves and gluten-free bagels
  • Pains au Chocolate brioche, which should make amazing French toast


  • More organic fruits and vegetables
  • Expanded produce selection, including zucchini noodles and ready-to-eat sliced fruit, like pineapple and watermelon
  • Fresh salad bowls


  • More milk alternatives, like organic almond milk and coconut milk
  • Beverages including strawberry kefir, a yogurt drink that’s loaded with probiotics
  • Fancy European cheeses for your next cheese board, like Gruyere and Emmentaler
  • Expanded grab-and-go snacks, including single-serve guac and organic hummus


  • More fresh organic meat, including NeverAny! chicken breasts (here’s why Aldi meat is such a bargain)
  • New vegetarian options, like kale and quinoa crunch burgers and chickenless tenders
  • More easy-to-prep meal starters, like marinated chicken

20 percent of products in every Aldi store will be new compared to last year, so this isn’t a complete list. To see what’s new at your location, look for the bright blue shelf tags. You can’t miss ‘em!

Psst… This is what our staff dietitian likes to buy at Aldi.

When Will My Aldi Be Remodeled?

Aldi is about halfway through its remodel plan, so there’s a good chance your store is already lookin’ fresh. They want to remodel all existing locations and add 700 more locations by the end of 2022!

We’ve heard that half of Aldi stores are staying open through the remodel, but the other half will have to close for 4 weeks. Not everything will be different, though. Don’t forget to bring your quarter!

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