This Cleaning Hack Is a Genius Way to Clean Your Air Fryer Super Fast

Air fryers are a modern go-to for quick meals, but cleaning them isn't always a walk in the park.

With one air fryer, you can make a variety of dishes from crafting the perfect grilled cheese to making the crispiest chicken wings. But after you’ve used your air fryer a couple of times, it’s easy to spot the caked-on food and grease, which can be a major pain to clean. So if you want to skip some scrubbing, here’s a smart hack for cleaning an air fryer quickly for a speedy refresh.

How to Clean Your Air Fryer Quickly

Who else should you get a quick cleaning hack from but celebrity chef Ming Tsai? No more wondering how to clean your air fryer quickly—the restaurateur (@chefmingtsai) shared a “daily reminder to clean your air fryer” TikTok video, which has since garnered nearly 30,000 likes as of publication.

@chefmingtsai Your daily reminder to clean your air fryer #airfryertiktok #airfryerhack #cleaningvideo #cheftips ♬ Lofi Vibes – Gentle State

Here are the steps to this simple cleaning process:

  1. First, remove the cooking drawer of your air fryer.
  2. Fill the cooking drawer with hot water until it covers the cooking rack. Make sure not to get it too full.
  3. Next, add a couple of pumps of dish soap.
  4. Remove the cooking drawer from the sink and push it back into the air fryer.
  5. Turn your air fryer on and select a high temperature.
  6. When ready, press the start button to turn it on.
  7. Let the cycle go. When it’s done, open the cooking drawer and empty it of the soapy water. Then, rinse the drawer and the rack thoroughly.
  8. Dry your air fryer and reassemble it.

I Tried It—Here’s What I Thought

Cleaning Air Fryer Using Sponge and soap on a white backgroundAdisak Mitrprayoon/Getty Images

I followed the steps in the TikTok video created by Chef Tsai and was pleasantly surprised by how easy it was. First, I filled my air fryer’s cooking drawer with hot water and soap, selected the proper settings and ran it for 15 minutes. This cycle was over before I knew it, and when I removed the drawer, all the soap bubbles had dissipated.

The drawer was left with hot water, so I carefully poured it into the sink. Then, I rinsed it out as instructed and removed the rack. As Tsai stated in his TikTok video, this easy cleaning method doesn’t eliminate all the caked-on grease and food on the rack of the air fryer, but it does a wonderful job of removing any grease from the tub itself.

My rack wasn’t extremely dirty to begin with, but I did notice there was some food residue that needed scrubbing off. I gave this part a quick scrub with a kitchen scourer and rinsed it. While this hack won’t remove stuck-on food residue on the air fryer’s rack, it will effectively clean the tub.

I’d recommend using this cleaning method once you’ve finished cooking a meal or two in your air fryer to keep it nice and clean inside. It’s simple enough to do and requires minimal effort on your part, so it’s something you can easily add to your kitchen routine. As for the dirty rack, try scrubbing this after your wash to keep all the elements sparkling clean.

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